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Gyros Gears Industries
S, 42, Municipal Industrial Estate, Bapunagar, Ahmedabad – 380 024.
Telephone: 00 (91) (079) 2273 2017 Fax: 00 (91) (079) 2273 2223
Gram: ‘GYROS ’

We have pleasure to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer of the “GYROS ” speed reducers and Geared Motors.

“GYROS ” Geared motor is a combination of an electric motor a GYROS reduction gear box. The gearing system works on the principle of DIFFERENTIAL ROLLING of gears. The speed is reduced due to the difference between the numbers of teeth of an internal and external gear. These two hardened, tempered and lapped/grand gears of special steel can give ratios upto 12.6:1 in single stage reduction without noise and end thrust. The pinion or the worm or a gear wheel rotation at motor speed is completely eliminated in this unique gearing system, there by improving enormously the wear and tear characteristics of a speed reducing system.

GYROS geared motors are available from 0.1 to 100 H.P. and out put speed 0.1 to 750 RPM and reduction ratio from 12.6:1 to any desired ratio.

GYROS geared motors and speed reduction are already being used by a wide range of industries for various application like cement machinery, textile machinery, sugar machinery, biscuit making machinery, chemical plants, steel plants, roller conveyor for rolling mills and material handling equipments mixers and agitators for various applications, rotary dryers, machine tools, water treatment plants, degreasing plants etc. GYROS speed reduction is also used in large quantity for “track-drive” vehicles like drill-rigs earthmoving machineries.

GYROS gearing system is not only more reliable but also more economical and compact than the conventional gearing system.

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