Strirrer Duty Gear Box  

Strirrer Duty Gear Box

strirrer duty gear units are with standard V type, including gear case and major components are common, gives complete interchangebility.
Compare with standard V type, the medium duty gear units are with additional roller bearing and high tensile steel shaft, withstand high loads imposed during mixing.
Heavy duty gear units are with large capacity of taper and shperical roller bearings, more bearing spans, higher output shaft diameter and extension length compared with standard and medium duty with high tensile steel shaft gives ample strength to withstand heavy loads during mixing.
This gear unit is compact with a facility of top mounted pivoted motor plate, the motor can be directly mounted above the gear unit using belt tensioning device, results in eliminating the alignment errors at site, also space saving and minimize the cost of foundation. Sizes 4” to 14” Ratio 5:70, Sizes I4” to 14” Ratio 5:1 to 70:1
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