Heliworm Geared Motor with solid  Shaft

GYROS  GEARS Gyros Geared Motors and gear reducers are compact and efficient units to attain low speed. Output shaft is at right angle to motor shaft or input shaft. The gear box is provided with two mounting faces roght angle to each other with identical mounting dimensions. First stage reduction is achieved by helical gears followed by worm gear reduction. Heliworm geared motors can be provided with output shaft at both ends.
GYROS  GEARS Manufacturing rang - 0.16 to 30 HP
GYROS  GEARS Output speed - 2.8 to 188 RPM
GYROS  GEARS Reduction ratio - upto 267
GYROS  GEARS Heliworm solid shaft geared motors / reducers are also availat flanfe mount construction.
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