Al-Nu Worm Gear Box  

Al-Nu Worm Gear Box

GYROS  GEARS The worm gear reducers come in sizes as 63, 80 and 100 mm, centre distance. Ration from 5 : 1 to 70 : 1 available.
GYROS  GEARS Monoblock housing for sizes upto 31 and split housing for


GYROS  GEARS Aerator Drives with essential features like unicast case, 3-point mounting, pumpless lubrication & drywell arrangementNo vent plugs or beathers are required (makes the gear reducer maintenance-free and prevents risk of oil oxidation and contamination).
GYROS  GEARS Compression chambers, or bladders, are not needed (prevents leaks, contributes to flexbility in mounting and prevents risk of oil oxidation and contamination)
GYROS  GEARS Worm shaft is case carburised and hardened for increased durability.
GYROS  GEARS Both Input and Output shaft are Hollow reducingneed of couplings and making drive compact.
GYROS  GEARS Wherever needed to convert in solid shafts 9output), Shaft ends are provided.


GYROS  GEARS Lightweight
GYROS  GEARS No Oil Leakage.
GYROS  GEARS Ease of assembly / disassembly.
GYROS  GEARS Solid 6 mounting positions possible without need of any accessories.
GYROS  GEARS Hollow input shaft with motor flange and hollow output shaft as standard.
GYROS  GEARS No cast iron centers used in worm wheels.
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